Action sought against bike taxi operators

The two-wheelers used as transport vehicles by bike taxi operators.

They use own board vehicles for transport purposes, say call taxi operators

Members of the Coimbatore District Call Taxi Owners and Drivers Association on Tuesday urged the officials at the Regional Transport Office to take action against bike taxi operators for using own board vehicles for transport purposes.

The members used the app to hire bike taxis and brought 40 two-wheelers to the RTO.

Association secretary Jamsheer said marketing, food delivery executives and students used their two-wheelers as taxis to earn money. These vehicles are given registration certificates for low road tax and insurance premium, contrary to the hefty premiums and tax paid by call taxis.

Without any major investment, these part time two-wheeler taxi operators were not only making revenue evading tax, but were also killing the call taxi industry.

Mr. Jamsheer said that many of the two-wheeler owners or part-time riders employed by the owners were not aware that the use of two-wheelers for such purpose was illegal.

These bike taxi riders neither wore helmet nor offered one for the pillion rider. Many of them did not have even a valid licence, he said.

When contacted, Joint Transport Commissioner K.R. Krishnamoorthy said the call taxi association members brought 40 such two-wheeler riders. He said that action could be initiated against the taxi riders or two-wheeler owners, if there was a written complaint.

The 40 two-wheelers had been seized and a charge sheet would be filed before the court.

Upon the court levying a fine and the owners paying it, steps would be taken to release the two-wheelers. Mr. Krishnamoorthy pointed out that the customers for such services should realise that using bike taxis was not safe. In the event of an accident, even if the two-wheeler had a valid insurance cover, the pillion rider (customer) would not be eligible for any claim, since the usage was illegal as per motor vehicle rules, he added.