These Bike-Riding Doctors Helped Over 10,000 Villagers in Flood-Struck Bihar

The flood-hit terrains in Bainsa division of Purnia, Bihar, would have faced massive casualties, had it not been for the group of doctors who came in as saviours in motorcycles two weeks ago.

As many as 132 villages, falling under 16 panchayats of Bainsa, were cut off from the rest of the state, after being ravaged by floods.

With more and more people falling prey to diseases, the authorities were at a loss to find ways to make medical support reach the villagers.

But after an inspection by Purnia district collector Pradeep Kumar Jha and the superintendent of police on motorcycles, an idea struck them.

A woman wades through a flooded village in Bihar. Source: Facebook.

“I and the district police chief went to take stock of the situation. We rode a motorcycle. It struck us that we should send doctors on motorbikes to provide health services to the flood-hit areas,” Pradeep told Firstpost.

Thus began ‘Operation Motorcycle Doctors’, under which 18 doctors reached out to villages on their motorcycles. Dividing the responsibility of 16 panchayats amongst themselves, each morning the doctors went in different directions, accompanied by nurses and paramedics, along with medical kits, medicines, glucose biscuits and fresh water.

Initially, the doctors who took up the task of treating the patients were doctors Anwar Alam, Anjani Kumar and Srinand. Those who were too ill for basic treatment were taken to nearby hospitals on the same bikes.

Belonging to the staff of the district hospital and their relatives, the bikes were ridden up to 80 km on a daily average.

According to Bainsa Primary Healthcare Centre’s health manager Varun Kumar, Bainsa had turned into a water-world, making it impossible for an ambulance to enter.

“The flood situation this year was particularly grim. That the doctors agreed to go on motorcycles to far-flung flooded villages was the saviour,” he said