Why concealed carry shorts ?

While the vast majority of concealment apparel and accessories are made to be more functional than stylish, many manufacturers of tactical gear have started producing pieces that offer a bit of trendiness for the modern woman. From concealment leggings to locking messenger bags with tassel details, modern concealment apparel and accessories are offering women the benefits of protection, comfort and fashion-forward silhouettes. Here are some of the top concealment clothing and accessories options for women on the market today.

You can enjoy the peace of mind and security that comes with having your weapon on your body as you go for an early morning run. Concealment tank tops offer a snug fit that layer beautifully under t-shirts or other athletic apparel. They feature multiple pockets for housing your music device, phone, magazine clip and weapon. On really hot days, you can skip the extra layering tank top and just stash your weapon in a concealment sports bra. These bras offer fewer pockets, but you will have plenty of room for your weapon and phone. Fitted concealment t-shirts are a great layering option on cooler days. You can pair them under a long duster cardigan or suit jacket for a pulled-together look that is as discreet as it is stylish.

When it comes to bottoms, women have been wearing concealed carry shorts for years. There are IWB options as well as front-carry styles and thigh-holster shorts that all work under skirts and dresses. These shorts are designed to make quick retrieval of your weapon a breeze. In recent years, concealment apparel manufacturers have started producing a variety of jeggings, leggings, bootcut pants and other trendy bottoms with built-in holsters and concealment carry pockets. When worn with a blazer, tunic top, duster cardigan or long sweater, no one will suspect you are carrying a deadly weapon in your pants.

In addition to the wide range of concealment apparel options, there are also tons of different styles of bags and accessories women can purchase to house their gun safely. From concealment clutches and messenger bags to totes, briefcases and fanny packs, there are endless options to securely store a woman’s weapon.