Drugs a big threat to the society


The younger generation were getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, ganja and smoking which is a big concern to the society and their future said Manasa psychiatrist nursing home psychiatrist Dr Ayodhya RK at a press meet held on Anti drug poster launch which was held at a private hotel in Vijayawada on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Ayodhya said that the youngsters are attracted towards supernatural pleasure by getting addicted to drugs and ruining their golden future, substances like opium, heroin, LSD, Ephedrine and others are narcotic drugs and liquor, ganja, smoking and tobacco are non-narcotic drugs they are distinguished into two types, the users are also classified into two as people addicted to drugs, liquor, smoking and ganja come under one sect, and party, celebrations, occasional boozers for friends are the others sect of people.

The first sect of people were dangerous to their family and society where are the second sect are not harmful for others but any tough situation in life would make them alcoholics. He further expressed that most of the youth were inclined towards drugs due to attracted, others perpetrated, genetic disorder problems and friends besides parents irresponsibility, discipline, love affairs, friends with bad habits, stress would lead to drug addiction.

Once the effect of the drug reduces they get severe headache, distress, anger, hunger were some of the symptoms. Narcotic drug act implemented by the government of India is very strict and drug peddlers and consuming would have severe punishment, he added. Dr Ayodhya has 25 years of experience in treating psychiatrist patients at Manasa nursing home, and said teenagers between 15 to 25 are prone to drug, alcohol and smoking were treated as per the intensity of the case and are leading normal life, they are guided with counseling and awareness.