Just passed your ISC, CBSE exams? Here are top bikes that your parents can buy for you under Rs 1 lakh!

Everyone hates board exams, they are annoying and they take up much too much time that could be spent upto some good old childish mischief. The board exams do however serve one major purpose as far as passing out of school is concerned. That is assuming that you have passed and grades are above where you expected them to be. Passing your twelfth board exams in most indian families is a right of passage of sorts that will encourage your parents to offer you that once in a lifetime, “Beta, kya chahiye?’ (What would you like?) card that could lead up to a new set of wheels to get you around. Play your cards right and the wheels might actually be cool, meaning instant props for your first day of college. So sit back, take some experience from an old dog and read this guide to getting that cool set of wheels to get you around.

In this matter rule number one is your intentions must appear to be a responsible choice. The worst thing that you can say is that you want a bike or scooter because Sharmaji ka Beta( insert generic friend names)  has one, the reason, on the other hand, should be that you need a conveyance for you to get to your tuitions/sports practises/drawing classes you get the drift. The second matter is choosing the bike. Naturally, you want something cool and flashy, that will earn you a decent rapport in college. Problem is, your parents aren’t likely to agree to buy you something that already has a bad reputation. So how are you going to get that cool bike without upsetting your parent’s apple cart? Here’s our guide:

Let’s start off with scooters since, that where most people who start out bargaining for a bike end up at if this is you, fear not,  here are our top three scooters with the right amount of cool while still offering a bunch of things that would allow your parents to rest happily.


Aprilia SR150: In terms of automatic scooters, life does not get a lot cooler than an Aside from you getting to say that you ride an haute couture Italian scooter the Aprilia’s sleek form and larger 14-inch wheels almost guarantee eyeballs. The 150 cc motor is potent enough to give some motorcycles a run for their money. It gets a USB charger for your phone and at Rs 74,000 it is actually still cheaper than a most bike that would have a teenagers interest. If the bike is just not working out, this is the scooter that you should go for. Its cool, it’s practical and in case we forgot to mention it, it comes with an Aprilia badge.