How to live like a movie star

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Ever since the very first films were made, the movies have been popular with the public. The facts around Hollywood still back this up, with $43bn being generated in revenue last year. It seems that all of us still like nothing better than to see the latest action, adventure or horror flick with the biggest stars around. It is maybe these glamorous and alluring movie stars themselves that are the main attraction for us. They all seem so charming and amazing on screen with similarly extravagant, exciting lives off screen.

If you feel like your life needs a bit of movie star glitz to brighten it up, then why not try to live more like your favorite film star?

How to live like a film star

You may not end up earning millions like Tom Cruise or Jennifer Lawrence, but living like a movie star can still make your life more fun and enjoyable. Here are some fantastic ways to do just that:

  • Become a movie star – okay, this is not that easy, but if you want a movie star life, then actually being one is the best way. Get some acting lessons and find a good agent to represent you. Once you have a few plays and smaller films under your belt, you can make the move to Hollywood, which is where the action really is. Before long, you will be living it up in Beverly Hills and shopping in Rodeo Drive with Vin Diesel.
  • Buy a luxury property – if you don’t want to be an actor, then you can still live like a big star. Buying a stunning, luxurious property is one way that anyone can do this with the right funds. You don’t have to limit yourself just to Hollywood either. Many movie stars own properties around the US and Europe to chill out in when they’re not working. Statistics for ski houses in the best resorts show that prices can start from as low as $595,000, which is movie star living that most families can afford.
  • Get a fancy car – if you think of movie star life, then cruising around in a fancy sports car or luxury saloon will spring to mind. Popular Italian makes such as Bugatti, Ferrari or Lamborghini compete with Bentley as the movie stars’ car of choice. These sorts of cars can be enjoyed by you also to get a taste of living like a film star. If you can’t afford to buy one, then you can just hire one for the day!
  • Hire a personal trainer – another great tip to live like your favorite movie star is to get in shape. While you could hit the gym to do this, the true movie star way is to hire a personal trainer. These will get you ripped in no time at all and will always be on hand to motivate you when you don’t feel like working out.
  • Think about your diet – do you think that Johnny Depp eats processed ready meals and fried chicken every day?! The answer is probably not, and most movie stars will closely monitor their diet to keep healthy. While it is not advised to go for the crazy diets that many stars endorse, it is worth taking inspiration to look at your own diet. More fruit, vegetables and water are the key to movie star living here.
  • Bling it up – most of the top stars will always be looking great and wearing amazing clothes when they appear in public. This is a great tip that you can take on board to get more glamour into your life. Try to buy the best-quality clothes that you can afford and always accessorize with some blingy jewelry. This will make you stand out and exude the look of someone famous.

Be confident

One thing that all movie stars have in common is confidence. After all, they need it to do their job! Being confident is one piece of advice that you should take from them and will really get you living like a film star. Be comfortable with who you are and be confident to speak your mind and be your own person.

Get the film star lifestyle

If you fancy injecting some film star sparkle into your daily life, then the above tips should help. By following them, you will instantly be living a more enjoyable and fabulous life than before. While it may not bring you the same amount of riches or adulation, it will certainly make everything a bit more glamorous!