Manish Sisodia writes to Prakash Javadekar: ‘No-detention policy was badly implemented’

hrd minister, manish sisodia, prakash javadekar

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia Thursday wrote to Union Human Resource Development (HRD) minister Prakash Javadekar regarding the cabinet’s decision to roll back the ‘No-Detention Policy’ as part of the Right to Education Act. While he said the move was “needed”, he also stressed that it was “unfortunate” since its implementation had been “poor and thoughtless”.

“This decision was needed as an emergency measure to end the current crisis across the country, where academic standards of schools are rapidly deteriorating. The Delhi Assembly has also passed a bill for the rollback of the no-detention policy. We hope to hear from you soon regarding the details of the implementation, so that (the)academic session does not get affected,” wrote Sisodia.

“However, the roll back of this important reform is also a moment for us to introspect about the education reform in the country. The ‘no-detention policy’ was a progressive education reform and it is unfortunate that we had to roll it back. And the reason we had to do this is because it was poorly and thoughtlessly implemented. For this policy to have been successful, the government needed to change the curriculum, improve assessments, train teachers — none of which was done… The tragedy of government schools in India is that most reforms are poorly implemented and the quality of education in our school keeps deteriorating,” he wrote.