Mobile phone explodes in TN man’s face while he was riding bike and talking

In a freak incident, a mobile phone exploded while a 30-year-old man was reading his bike and talking on it, in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu on Sunday. The man sustained injuries on his face.

According to reports, Arumugam, a resident of Shoolagiri, was riding his two-wheeler on the Krishnagiri-Bengaluru highway on Sunday when the incident happened. He had placed his mobile phone inside his helmet near his ear, enabling him to talk over the phone without having to use his hands to hold the phone. At one point, the mobile phone exploded while he had placed it inside his helmet, causing Arumugam to lose his balance and fall on the road.

Passers-by noticed Arumugam lying unconscious on the road with injuries to his face and rushed him to a private hospital in Shoolagiri. He was administered first aid and then shifted to the Government Hospital in Krishnagiri. Arumugam has reportedly regained consciousness but is still in shock and is undergoing treatment.

The police was informed and they reached the spot and conducted inquiries.

In March, a mobile phone, which was kept in the pocket of a 28-year-old man in Telangana, exploded, causing him injuries.

The man, Mohammed Imran, had purchased an OPPO phone, which exploded likely due to heating issues. He was rushed to a hospital since he sustained burn marks on his left thigh. Immediately after this incident, OPPO released a statement saying that the incident was unfortunate and that the company is looking into the causes behind it.

Several instances have been reported in the past of mobile phones bursting or catching fire while being plugged in to a charging point. However, this rare instance of a mobile phone exploding during use without it being connected to an electricity source has created some alarm in Krishnagiri.