Mumbai couple’s moving love story and how travel changed their life has Internet emotional. Viral post

Mumbai couple's love story

Mumbai couple’s love story

Love knows no language and no distance, no matter what the hardships maybe and this couple from Mumbai is proving just that.

Shared by Humans Of Bombay on their social media pages, a couple from Mumbai are redefining the way we see arranged marriages and proving that if you find the right person you can fulfill your dreams.

Talking to HoB, the woman featured in the post shared her story of how she was raised in a small town and had never travelled the world or taken any time off.

She revealed that after she was married, thinsg changed as her husband and she decided that they will travel a lot. Even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, they travelled to all their favourite destinations around the world.

And their story is leaving the internet emotional.

Read the heartwarming post here:

“I was born in a small town, and had 9 siblings. So growing up, we had limited means. I had never travelled, explored, or even taken time off.

Things changed when I got married. My husband and I only met on the day of our marriage. And one of the first things he asked me was, if I had travelled. I told him that I didn’t even have a passport, but he said, We’ve got to make you one, because together, we’re going to travel the world.’

Both of us had very hectic jobs — but we decided to travel at least twice a year. Our first trip was to Darjeeling, where we went for our honeymoon. I remember we were on the bus, it had started raining very heavily. The window was open so the water kept coming in. He saw that and tried to shut the window — but ended up breaking it in the process. The entire bus was full, so we had to sit for 12 hours, with the rain water spilling onto us! By the time we reached, we were totally drenched, but we just laughed it off!

We’ve been to places like Kathmandu, Shimla, Delhi. We’ve had to sleep on our suitcases because we’ve missed trains and we’ve had to spend hours stranded in the middle of nowhere because our buses have broken down. But it’s all been worth it!

This one time we were on our way to Badrinath, but midway we realised that the path ahead was blocked. It was late evening and there was no way we could drive back. So our tour guide arranged our stay at a local’s house. The area around was so eerie, I was really scared, and the whole night we could hear a weird sound — it was like somebody was outside. But in the morning we realised that it was just the sound of water hitting the rocks!

When we grew older, we dreamt of travelling to Europe and even started saving up for it. We’d use every free minute to read books and research on European cities! But suddenly I was diagnosed with breast cancer — the doctors were hopeful and so, I started my chemotherapy. But he was really scared of losing me.

So for the 5 years of my treatment, we left everything and went to Europe — for us, it was now or never. We travelled to London, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and even Italy!

Once I was completely cured of cancer, we decided to use our savings and go to every country we’ve dreamt of going to like Australia and Russia. We plan to visit at least one country every year.

On the day we first met, he was a complete stranger, but now he’s the man of my dreams. Life with him has just been amazing. I never thought we’d fall in love, and when we did I never thought that our love would take us around the world. He never fails to surprise me and I couldn’t have asked for anything more than a lifetime of new experiences with him.”