The common saying ‘Pride Goes Before A Fall’ also applies to rummy players. A good player needs to be careful with his moves in rummy and not be a prey to pride. The main goal of Indian rummy card game is to create the required number of sequences and sets before anyone else. A good player plays to achieve this end but a proud player may lose his focus. While a good player may try and complete his hand, a proud player may behave overconfidently and lose the chance he is given.

Here are some classic examples of how different moves played by good players and proud players changes the result of their game:

Holding onto Cards You Don’t Need

In a rummy game, your goal is to complete your hand before your opponent. This means that you need to complete your life and then reduce points in the hand. A good player focuses on these and first tries to complete his life. He won’t want to give a hint about the cards in his hand. However, if holding onto the wrong cards prevents him from making a life, he won’t do this. This is not the case with a proud player. A player who is proud and thinks he is invincible will hold onto the wrong cards simply so that the opponent does not win. This is a wrong strategy which may cause him to lose the game eventually.

Giving Wrong Hints Through Odd Moves

A proud player focuses on making the opponent lose and not win himself. That is why he may often play moves that give the opponent wrong hints. For example, he may dispose low point cards to give the opponent a feeling that he is about to win. This may not actually be the case and he maybe disposing a card that the opponent needs. This will help the opponent complete his hand quickly and he may win just because the opponent has been too proud.

Hoarding Jokers When You Haven’t Made Your Life

One of the top priorities of rummy card game is to complete the required sequences and sets. However, till a player completes his life, his hand is considered as a full hand. That is why, a good player will always focus on making his life first. The definition of life is different in different variations of rummy card games. In 10 cards rummy, one pure sequence is called life. However, in a standard 13 cards rummy game, you need to complete a pure sequence and a real sequence to form life.

A good player knows that hoarding jokers is really of no use unless the life is complete. If jokers act as a barrier and prevent a player from completing life, he may even dispose jokers during his turn. This is not something that a proud player will do. A proud player always looks at how his moves affect the opponent. He would never want to benefit the opponent by disposing off jokers. Because of this reason, he may hoard jokers and this may prevent him from creating life or winning the game.

Some Standard Tips to Prevent You from Losing Due to Pride:

Rummy is a skills game and anyone who possesses the right skills will win this game. Here are some simple tips that will speed up your process of winning rummy card games:

  • As soon as you get your cards, arrange them in a proper order so that you know which sequences you possess, which cards you need to dispose and which jokers you have.
  • Your first goal should be to complete the pure sequence as this is inevitable for you to make life.
  • Make optimum use of pulled-out jokers and don’t keep them stuck in wrong sequences.
  • Observe the cards disposed by the opponent keenly as this will give you an idea about the opponent’s hand and you can plan your moves accordingly.
  • Try to make card combinations in a manner that there is more than one way to complete the given sequence. Rummy winners usually have a great sense of probability.
  • If you think you have a bad hand and it is impossible to win the game, do not hesitate to pass the game.

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