Quit fatty food to fight breast cancer

breast cancer

Stay away from fatty food and lose some weight if you are suffering from breast cancer. A recent study found that “a molecule made by fat cells in human breast tissue increases the growth of certain breast-cancer cells”, suggesting why bigger breast size seems to be linked with higher risk of the deadly disease.

A study carried out by Wen-Hwa Lee at China Medical University in Taiwan and his colleagues, to learn the interrelation of fat cells and cancer cells in the breast, found that “fat cells promoted the growth of cancer cells that made a protein called MCT2”. The researchers identified a small molecule, β-hydroxybutyrate, that is produced by the fat cells and is transported into tumour cells by MCT2. This molecule activated several cancer genes, boosting the growth of human breast-tumour cells that express MCT2, states a study published in the journal Nature.

Another recent study found that a chemical – Bisphenol S (BPS) – commonly found in hard plastics, currency bills and paper receipts, may increase the aggressiveness of breast cancer. Scientists from Oakland University in the US studied the effects of BPS on estrogen receptor-alpha and the BRCA1 gene. It is found that most breast cancers are estrogen receptor positive. A study by the US National Cancer Institute states that 55 to 65 per cent of women who inherit a harmful mutation in the BRCA1 gene will develop breast cancer.

So take a little precaution, reduce fat content in your diet and lose body fat to fight breast cancer.