Redbus launches ‘rPool’ app for car and bike pool

Hyderabad: Metro passengers now have the option of carpool and bikepool services with redBus launching its ‘rPool’ app.

Apart from extending first and last.mile.connectivity, the car and bike pooling will aid in easing traffic congestion and reducing vehicular emissions.

The service offers commuters to avail and offer rides in their personal cars or bikes while commuting between home and their workplace.

Interested users have to download the redBus app and those already using it have to click on the rPool tab on the home screen and register themselves for service. Users can create a ride with their source, destination, date and time. Ride givers will have to share vehicle details and route plan separately.

They can find matching riders, invite them, confirm the ride and travel. The cost of travel starts from Rs.2 per km for the ride taker, said Prakash Sangam, CEO, redBus here on Tuesday.

Those interested in offering or taking the ride will be given designated parking spaces at 18 Metro stations, he said.