Traffic Indicators for Your Work Zone

When your company is hired to work on a federal or state highway, you are obligated by law to warn drivers well ahead of time about work zones. They need to know how far ahead the work zone is and to what lane they should merge. They also need to know what the speed limit is so they avoid putting you and your crew at risk of being hit by their car.

Along with using traffic cones and placards, you also may want to use signage that will capture the attention of drivers. You can warn motorists ahead of time about the work zone ahead of them by purchasing or renting flashing signs, rumble strips, and arrow board trailer on the website today.


One of the reasons that trailers are such an attractive option for company owners like you is that they are portable and easy to move from one work zone to the next. The stretch of highway you are working on right now might be finished in a matter of days or weeks. You then need to move to the next location to immediately start the roadwork for which you have been hired.

Rather than lug around heavy signs by hand, you might instead prefer to hitch them to a work truck and move them from place to place. The trailers on which the signs are mounted can be hooked up to a hitch and pulled from one work zone to the next. You avoid the manual effort in lugging them from place to place after you are finished working.

Renting Versus Buying

Depending on what kind of work your company handles on a regular basis, you might not have a pressing need to buy trailers and flashing signs. You might only use them occasionally for specialty jobs.

Rather than put out the money for equipment you will only use once in awhile, you instead may find it better to rent what you need. You save money by avoiding an expensive purchase. You also can return the signage and get your deposit back after you are finished with it.