VIDEO: Forget luxury cars, Dubai Police all set to soar high with flying bikes!

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As far as Bollywood and Tollywood films are concerned we have seen our heroes coming in flying on bikes during the climax. Well, we know how these stunts work. But this is going to be a reality very soon in Dubai, and we are not kidding. Yes, the Dubai police are all set to introduce advance automobiles and technologies to keep law and order in control. From a robocop and an auto police patrol and a flying motorbike, the additions were unveiled on recent at the Gitex Technology Week conference.

The flying bike aka Hoverbike seems straight out of Starwars! Yes, remember the speeder bikes used by the scout troopers on Endor in Return of the Jedi, they surely give a vibe very similar to it.

The Russian made new Hoversurf Scorpion craft will be used for responding to emergency situations, the Gulf News reported. The aerial vehicle runs on electricity and can fly at five metres height and carry a policeman during emergency situations to dodge heavy traffic. And the highlight, it can even run on its own without a driver, totally a scene from any Hollywood sci-fi film.