‘Where’s the Helmet?’: Delhi Couple’s Filmy Kissing Stunt on Bike Leaves Netizens Unimpressed

Image result for 'Where's the Helmet?': Delhi Couple's Filmy Kissing Stunt on Bike Leaves Netizens UnimpressedA video has gone viral on social media which shows a young couple engaging in extreme PDA on a moving bike in Delhi. Let us remind you, this was during peak office hours.

The video was captured near the Kriti Garden and Rajouri Nagar crossing by another commuter, who shared the video on Twitter. Ever since, the video has been widely shared on social media. In the video, the man is driving the bike with his bag slung across his shoulder. The girl, who appears to be sitting on the fuel tank, has her legs wrapped around the rider and is seen kissing him.

Need we remind you of the dangers associated with stunts like these?

Neither the boy nor the girl were wearing helmets; moreover, as seen in the video, they can be seen cutting lanes and speeding away. The video was also shared by a cop from Delhi, HGS Dhaliwal. He captioned the video, “Need for new sections for #MV Act violations!! #Rajouri garden crossing.”

Jokes apart, guys, such stunts are way too dangerous. Please understand that you’re putting lives of others at risk too.